USETEC Trade fair 2015

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When you visit USETEC you are sure to take something interesting home with you: a used machine, contacts with important dealers or information about the market. Your visit is an investment which pays for itself more than 100%.

Talking with suppliers at the trade fair supplements your Internet research because there are some things you simply cannot do online: shake hands, for example, or thoroughly inspect a piece of machinery to ensure everything is in good working order. In addition, New contacts are made during the trade fair and the best prices are negotiated.

USETEC gives visitors the opportunity to look over the equipment they want in person and make their decision on the spot. It also offer opportunities for Trade Partnership which opens up a world of new business opportunities that would give your Business or Organisation a global outlook and this can only be derived from networking with Businesses and Individuals from all over the world.

The USETEC trade fair site also includes a large outdoor area which not only provides space for relaxed discussions in the fresh air but also plenty of room for exhibiting truly enormous machines and live demonstrations of potent used technology!

The exhibitors show used machines of all kind

  • Used machinery dealers with a wide range of products on offer
  • Manufacturers, who are offering machines accepted in part-exchange deals
  • Companies selling machines they no longer use
  • Auction houses, E-commerce companies
  • Service companies – e.g. for upgrading and retrofitting machines
  • Specialist freight forwarders and suppliers of dismantling and reassembly services
  • Financing and leasing companies, certification services

Visitors find machines for all sectors

  • Entrepreneurs starting up their own companies in developing and industrialising countries use USETEC to buy high-quality used machines
  • Even companies from industrialised countries buy at USETEC – e.g. to find replacement machinery so they can complete orders if one of their machines fails, to expand production quickly when buying new machinery takes a long time to deliver or for areas where it is uneconomic to use new machines.
  • Development aid organisations attend USETEC to make the best use of their limited funds.


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