Cisco, Intel and Others are Providing Technology and Fund to Boost Your Internet Innovations

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Challenge Up! is the most innovative corporate start-up program of 2015, by Intel, Cisco & hub:raum powered by Deutsche Telekom. Imagination creates big ideas but knowledge and resources are essential to make them real. And that’s what Challenge Up! is for! Join the biggest and the most unique startup accelerator of 2015 and empower your project with unique product development, mentoring, high-value networking and corporate assets. If you are the best, you can also receive financing and commercialization on global markets!

Internet of Things (“IoT”) / Internet of Everything (“IoE”) areas of interest are:

  • Connected/smart solutions (smart home, smart city, smart energy, connected cars, wearables, Industry 4.0)
  • Information security
  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Connectivity
  • Cloud computing

Each corporation will bring significant value to the program: Cisco brings IoE and Big Data/analytics expertise as well as networking, platform and product know-how. Intel provides smart connected solutions for the IoT from devices to data centers including software and hardware architecture and engineering, data analytics and security. Deutsche Telekom brings connectivity, business integration and sales know-how. This unique combination gives you access to one of the best global mentoring networks offering industry know-how and advice in all stages of the IoT value chain. You can also accelerate your go-to-market readiness by leveraging the combined customer bases, sales channels and technology assets of Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom. Take your startup to the next level!

You are eligible if:

  • You are an Entrepreneur/startup representing projects in IoT / IoE, above 18 years old.
  • You are based in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Russia.
  • You submit projects individually or as a team or accompanied by mentors.

This for you if you want:

  • to accelerate the go-to-market preparation and commercialization of your startup,
  • to get access to expert networks all around the world that will provide to your startup the technology and business know-how,
  • to get a potential co-investment from Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom as well as with leading corporate venture funds,

What are the benefits of participating?

The biggest value for participating startups is the support they can get from the Organizers (Intel, Cisco, Deutsche Telekom).

Startups can count on financing opportunities, access to innovation, expert networks all around the world as well as technology and business know-how.

All three companies have a long track record in running startup programs, and can use their experience for the benefit of the Challenge Up! program.

The Challenge Up! stages include:

  • Application period
  • WARP+ turbo acceleration week
  • Incubation
  • Challenge Up! Summit
  • Commercialization process

The timetable of the Program:

March 3rd – official announcement, open submissions
May 25th – application period end
May 26th – June 8th – judging process, selecting the best 24 startups
June 22nd-26th – WARP+ Turbo-acceleration Week
July-October – Tailor-made Incubation Program for up to 12 startups
November – Challenge UP! Summit (winners selected & go to market strategy presented)

How do I apply?

To apply for Challenge Up! You have to register to an online platform and submit your project and business plan.

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