University Startup World Cup Funds and Student Startups

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University Startup World Cup

The University Startup World Cup gathers the most promising student startups in the world and brings them together for one intense week of development and networking. This is a unique opportunity to do some serious networking and work full-time on developing the idea. Furthermore, all teams will be offered a one year Booster Pack program, granting them access to knowledge and services that will help the teams move forward with their ideas.

For one week in September, 50 top teams from around the world will be gathered in Copenhagen to develop and present their ideas, explore the Scandinavian start-up scene, meet with investors and finally compete to be voted the best student startup in the world.

Areas of Focus;

  • Cleantech & Environment
  • Life Science & MedTech
  • Mobile & Web
  • Product & Technology
  • Services
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Who is this opportunity for?

The University Startup World Cup is for university students. Therefore, you must have at least one person on your team from a university. The team should consist of at least two people in order to participate, and both should be able to travel to Copenhagen in September. Participation in all activities are mandatory.

You must be able to cover travel and accommodation expenses to be able to participate in the University Startup World Cup. Once you send in your business plan, you have given consent to being able to participate during the third week of September.

Benefits of University Startup World Cup:

The University Startup World Cup is more than just an entrepreneurial competition. The aim is to support the development process of all finalist teams. Over the course of a year, we will foster an environment in which the finalists can find the tools and inspiration to truly reach their full potential.

  • All the participating teams will receive a one year Startup Mentor Program.
  • All the participating teams will, when possible, have access to free services and products under the International Booster Pack.
  • All the participating teams will be offered participation in the innovation club, where companies as well as startups can share their knowledge and contribute their valuable feedback.
  • All the participating teams will be offered the opportunity to pitch to investors in the following year.

Ultimately, our goal is to track the top 50 University Startup teams in the world, and follow them throughout their journey to success.

We hope to learn from our growing network of international top talents, and share our knowledge with subsequent generations of up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

How to Register;

You apply via YouNoodle. Here you can upload your business plan and add all the information we need about you and your team.

“In the countries where national competitions are held under the Venture Cup license, or by Venture Cup’s partners, teams will be selected directly to the final through these competitions.”

In countries without a Venture Cup partner competition, teams can apply directly through the website.

Sweden: Venture Cup Sweden Competition

Norway: Venture Cup Norway Competition

If you are interested in becoming a competition partner for University Startup World Cup, please do contact us by

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