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Deal Weekend is a 24 hour event where 440 and founder-investors will evaluate your startup and potentially make an investment offer of between $100k and $250k. During the event, you provide information on your startup, seek advice, and negotiate investment terms with 440. Founder-investors may also co-invest alongside 440.

By the end of the day, you will know whether your startup has received an investment offer and deals will be completed using 440’s standard terms. After Deal Weekend 440 will help you to arrange regular feedback and board meetings with your new investors.

Why should I apply to 440’s Deal Weekend 2015?

If you are a startup with a mobile product or service targeting African markets, chances are you won’t find a better way to fund your company. Besides the 440 team, we have gathered a group of investors, all of whom have experience starting, building, and growing web/mobile businesses.

We believe this model is especially well-suited to startups that already have a team of employees, some paying customers, and daily operations that are difficult to put on hold.

Raising funds for your startup is generally an unproductive time for most startups, and can take many months. Our thought behind Deal Weekend is to speed up that process so you can get back to building your business as soon as possible.

How does this work?

Applications are open from 17th July – 13th August. You have to apply before the deadline to be considered for Deal Weekend.
If we like your application, you will be invited to a short interview at the Lagos Garage during August 17th – 20th. If the interview is successful, you will be notified latest August 21st and you will need to be present full time during the entirety of Deal Weekend, which runs September 4th – 5th.

Before Deal Weekend, 440 will:
1. Collect due diligence documentation from you, which is a prerequisite to participation in Deal Weekend
2. Perform a standard due diligence – using 440’s DD checklist
3. Ensure your management accounts and reporting practices are in order to receive an investment.

During Deal Weekend, 440 will:
1. Explore the different aspects of your product, business, and market – using the Lean Canvas
2. Give you an assignment to complete and present to 440 and founder investors
3. Give you the chance to meet founder-investors and 440 mentors who can give you expert advice on your business

Applications closes:13th August

Apply now:

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