Up to $235Billion Investment for Businesses at the Global African Investment Summit

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Seeking direct foreign investment for your African business project?

Secure your project investments at the Global African Investment Summit – attended by qualified global investors in control of US$235Billion.

The Summit is bringing together 6 African heads of state and over 20 ministers to transact on bankable projects requiring investment in Sub-Saharan Africa.Line up is a host of bankable projects requiring investment from these delegations and additional submissions are welcome from the private sector.

This is your opportunity to submit your project and attract legitimate funds directly from the investment community. Submit your projects today in the areas of agribusiness, infrastructure, natural resources, and power.

Sourcing well-structured and audited bankable projects continues to be a serious challenge for investors in Africa. Take the opportunity to secure investment for your projects.

Deadline for submission: Monday 5th October.

Apply now: Global African Investment Funds

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