Chivas’ The Venture calls $1m funding for Innovative Social Enterprises

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The Venture calls $1Million

The fund is for innovative businesses that are creating positive change in the world and will empower extraordinary Start-ups that use business to create positive change and a mission to inspire entrepreneurial thinkers to transform the world.

Successful applicants will have a chance to pitch for a share of The Venture’s $1Million fund and have access to the tools and mentorship to accelerate their growth.


If you are an exceptional start-up that use business innovatively to transform communities and solve global challenges- Whatever it is, if it’s brilliant and can create real, positive change, then you should apply.

Each application will be reviewed and the very best from each of the participating countries will be selected to take part in local finals. You’ll have the chance to pitch to a panel of business experts who will offer advice and decide which finalist has the most promise to continue to the global finals.

Successful candidates at the local final will head to The Venture’s Accelerator Week for a week of motivation, inspiration and mentorship from some of the world’s foremost businesses and entrepreneurial minds

After the Accelerator Week, you will have the chance to inspire the public and receive funding. Over the course of five weeks, Chivas will allocate $250,000 of the $1Million fund by giving people the chance to vote for their favourite start-up.

At an exclusive event in front of a live audience of influencers and change makers, you will have the opportunity to pitch your business to The Venture’s esteemed global judging panel, who will decide where the remaining share of the $1Million fund will be awarded. Find out more


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