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Join the Kick business incubator for Women in Lagos (by Fledge Co, Seattle)

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We are launching the first stream of our all-women business incubator in Lagos!

The Kick-SMEBizInfo Incubator is licensed by Fledge Co Seattle and designed exclusively for Women Entrepreneurs, to meet their peculiar needs and set their businesses on the path of success, especially in the current difficult business terrain.

Kick is your business incubator, here to help you through the difficult path from idea through start-up or at any stage of your business where you realise you need help, irrespective of the kind of the type of business you run and whether you run a for-profits, non-profits or a hybrid model.

The programme is designed to help you understand your customers, the market you play in, and with that knowledge, find a path to sustainable revenues.

There are dozens of Kick incubators around the world and though each program is slightly different, they all include:
• Kicking your business forward
• Creating a weekly plan
• Sticking to that plan
• Sharing your progress with your peers
• Guidance with local mentors
• Peer mentorship, amongst the participants
• Plus coaching for business plan competitions, Angel groups, and other investors
• Assistance with accessing funding and various kinds of opportunities for your business.
• Entrepreneurial education, based on: The Next Step curriculum: Guiding you from idea to startup, by Michael “Luni” Libes

Listen to testimonial from past Kick participant

Is Kick Right for me?

If you are a female entrepreneur and are looking for advice, guidance, and opportunities to start or grow your business, this programme is for YOU!
Kick is designed to work with a wide variety of start-ups, so the answer is likely yes.

There are just a few expectations that should be met before applying:
• You should already have a problem that you are trying to solve via a for-profit, non-profit, or hybrid business
• You must be physically present for the in-person sessions (programme runs once-weekly for six weeks)
• You should have some supporters who believe in you and your idea
• You should have the desire to move your idea into reality, to launch or grow your organization.
• You do not need to be incorporated. You do not need to have a co-founder. You do not need to be solely focused on this business. You do not need to know anything about business planning.

Here’s how Kick works:
• Fill out an application here
• You will be contacted with further details.
• Application closes 18th March and programme starts 14th April
• 20% Early bird discount available till 4th March, 2016.

Course Fee: This programme goes for as high as $2,000 in some incubator centers, however we are offering it at N75,000 per participants here in Lagos as the Fledge Co has a strong bias for empowering women.

To find out more about the programme, send us a mail: info@smebizinfo.com

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