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Investment in Women is actually Smart Economics! #GenderParity

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Isn’t it quite interesting that this week alone, we’ve have had two full days dedicated to celebrating women around the world- Mother’s day on Sunday 6th and International Women’s day on Tuesday 8th February!

I was speaking with someone in Canada on Sunday and wished her Happy Mother’s day, she sounded a little surprised and replied “Oh, that’s in May.”

Well, she’s right! Again, we’ll be celebrating another Mother’s day just a few weeks from now.

A young lady was asking “Why do we have just one day dedicated to celebrating Men while there are several days celebrating Women in a year?!”

I can understand her curiosity, lol!

In 2012, a man actually sued the Nigeria government on the ground of partiality for awarding business grants to only women that year on the YouWin Women’s edition.

You may also be wondering why about 8 out of the 17 Sustainable development goals (SDGs) are directly related to women?

What makes women so special that we want to celebrate them everyday of the year? And that is apart from the fact that they are gradually making their ways to the front burner in matters of economics, politics and global welfare.

Well, here are some quotes by prominent people that will give you an insight into why women are deemed important especially as it relates to the world’s prosperity and development.

• HILLARY CLINTON, Presidential hopeful United states: “Nations that Invest in Women’s employment, health and education are more likely to have better outcome, their children will be healthier and better educated. This is not just the right thing to do; for us to hold up these women, to support them, to encourage their involvement- this is a strategic imperative”

• JAN ELIASSON, Deputy Secretary-General, United Nations: “Investment in Women is good Economics”

• AIGBOJE AIG-IMOUKHUEDE, President Nigerian Stock Exchange: “Leaving out women is like benching 50% of your best players throughout the game.”

Here are some other ‘Women facts’ you should know:

The good ones…

• Women (females) make up roughly 50% of the World’s population.
• Women are the 3rd largest emerging Economy in the World, after China and India
• 41 percentage of Nigerian Women are Entrepreneurs, this constitutes the highest percentage in the world.
• It is statistically proven that when women are supported and empowered, there is a trickle down effect on the society.

…and the Bad

• Across the world, Women hold less than 20% of leadership positions, cutting across government , business and the civil society.
• Averagely, only 2% of Women Entrepreneurs are able to access Business funds from financial Institution. This is inspite of the fact that statistics have shown that loans given to women have at least 90% repayment records whereas for their male counterparts, the statistics are much lower.
• Women (and children) are the most susceptible to poverty and economic inequality.

So you see why we celebrate Women all the time?

To every Woman who is reading this, THANKS for making the world a better place and for all you embody!

PS: In line with this year’s theme #GenderParity, SMEBizInfo is cooperating with Fledge Co Seattle, USA to empower Women to build thriving and successful business through an Intensive Business Incubator programme.

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Bukola is Founder, and is passionate about helping small businesses connect with the right opportunities that will put their businesses on a global pedestal, having benefitted from a number of opportunities herself. She is Director of the Kick incubator, Lagos, the first All-women business incubator by the Fledge Co Seattle USA. She is also convener, SMEBizInfo meet-up and also runs an online community where women can access trainings, mentorship and opportunities and she has done a lot of work with Women

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