Here’s why the Kick-SMEBizInfo Incubator is for you!

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The Kick-SMEBizInfo Business Incubator is licensed by the fledge Co, Seattle USA and it runs in partnership with SMEBizInfo, Nigeria.

Every year, thousands of applications are received  for the KICK INCUBATOR and just a few dozens are selected for the intense training programme in Seattle, USA.

Good news is you can now join a KICK INCUBATOR programme here in Nigeria, and what’s more, it is the first ALL-WOMEN programme!


  • What is the objective of the programme?

The programme’s objective is to help female entrepreneurs solve the most crucial challenges they face in either starting or running a business, using a customized road map and action plan to achieve milestones that will be set by the participant at the commencement of the programme.
The programme is designed to be hands on and will accommodate the needs of each business to help them understand their customers, the market they operate in and find a path to sustainable revenues at whatever stage of operation they are in and irrespective of the industry they operate in.
Another objective is to help find matching opportunities for their businesses, i.e. accessing the right kind of funds, access to local and international markets, business mentoring etc.


  •  Is kick right for you?

If you are a female entrepreneur looking for advice, guidance, and opportunities to start or grow your business, this programme is for YOU!

Kick is designed to work with a wide variety of start-ups, so the answer is likely yes.


  • What are the highlights of this programme?

• Kicking your business forward
• Creating a weekly plan
• Sticking to that plan
• Sharing your progress with your peers
• Guidance with local mentors
• Peer mentorship, amongst the participants
• Plus coaching for business plan competitions, Angel groups, and other investors
• Assistance with accessing funding and various kinds of opportunities for your business.
• Entrepreneurial Education


  •  How does the programme run?

Kick incubator can typically be described as a business laboratory. The programme is designed with a bent more towards work shopping than trainings (ratio 70 :30) to ensure that participants are able to solve immediate challenges they face in their business in practical terms.

The programme is customized for each participating business. Once you sign up, you will be sent some sets of questionnaires that will help us appraise your business needs and objective and based on this, milestones will be set and a road map will designed to help you immediately start achieving the set goals.

Participants will continue to have access to mentoring after the programme


  • What will i gain from the programme?

• One of the advantages you will enjoy is the luxury of having other team members within your cohort contribute towards helping you achieve your milestones, as each business will be taken as a team-based project and you get to tap from the wealth of experience of participants, facilitators and mentors alike; while we all jointly take responsibility for the achievement of the objectives you have set for the programme.

• Outside the four walls of the classroom, you will have access to online materials, business clinics, mentorship from experts in various fields, post-programme support and we will also help you find matching opportunities that will give your business the leverage for growth.

• We also help you find and access funding that is right for your business- grants, low-interest loans, equity investment or a hybrid.


  •  Schedule for the programme

The programme will run once weekly  between 14th April and 19th May for 6weeks between 9am and 2pm. Venue will be both an online and at a physical location.


  • Do I make the criteria?

• You should already have a problem that you are trying to solve via a for-profit, non-profit, or hybrid business

• You must be physically present for the in-person sessions (programme runs once-weekly for six weeks)

• You should have some supporters who believe in you and your idea

• You should have the desire to move your idea into reality, to launch or grow your organization.

• You do not need to be incorporated. You do not need to have a co-founder. You do not need to be solely focused on this business. You do not need to know anything about business planning.

  • What does the programme cost?

The programme costs as high as $2,000 but we have special concession to run the first stream for N75,000 with a further discount of 20% available only until Friday 25th March, 2016. This fee covers tuition fees, course material, refreshment and a certificate. Registration closes 4th April, 2016.


  • How do I join for the programme?

Make payments to the following account details: SMEBizInfo, GTBank-0213374063 and Send a mail to info@smebizinfo.com.

After we have received payment, we will contact you with further information.
If you have any further enquiry, please call Bolu on 07068458264.

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