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Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2016

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The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is the world’s largest competition in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. In order to be able to compete, your product or service must reduce greenhouse gas emissions. .

Criteria for applicants;

You are expected that your plan;
• Should have the potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by an amount you can roughly estimate;
• Should be developed enough to execute;
• Should be realizable as a usable product or service within the next two years
• Should preferably have integrated Cradle2Cradle principles in their designs

Besides these criteria, the jury will also look at factors as: Communication potential, courage and creativity.

You should;
• Be willing to bring your idea to market yourself, and to commit to working with any organisation necessary for developing the product and/or implementing the service;
• Be 18 years or older
• Agree with all the terms & conditions
• Carefully answer all the questions on the entry form in English
• Be willing to attend the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in Amsterdam if you are selected as a finalist and present your idea to the jury.

One of the required tasks when chosen, is to create an elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a short clip of your business pitch, recorded in the time it would take you to convince a possible investor of your business plan whilst you’re both in the same elevator. If you are a driven social entrepreneur, your goal is to make your dream come true. To make that happen, you will need backup

The winner will receive €500,000 to further develop their product or service, and to bring it to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000.

The preliminary jury will publish a long list of 25 startups in July. In August, it will be announced which five candidates will be competing on finals day. At the finals in Amsterdam on 14 September, the five finalists will pitch their business plans to the international jury, the audience and the press. The jury will then select the winner, who will receive €500,000. After the competition, all five finalists will be offered an intensive 10-day accelerator programme to optimise their business chances.

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