What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge

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The What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge is a global design competition that calls on the creative community to come up with game-changing ideas for accommodating, connecting, integrating and helping the personal development of refugees. The challenge specifically focuses on refugees in urban areas, as nearly 60 percent of the world’s 20 million refugees now live in urban areas.

What Design Can Do (WDCD), the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the IKEA Foundation invite designers, creative thinkers and imaginative trouble-shooters from all countries and disciplines, including refugees themselves, to take part.

The five best entries will receive up to 10,000 euros each, expert advice and our guidance in developing their concepts into feasible plans, ready for implementation. Both new ideas and existing concepts that deserve further elaboration are eligible. Read more about the process or enter now: the deadline for submissions has been extended to 20 May 2016!

Submissions to the What Design Can Do Refugee Challenge will be private until the Feedback/Refinement phase begins on 20 May 2016. Only Challenge Moderators will have access to the ideas to provide initial feedback.

Once the next phase of the Challenge begins, users that are logged in will be able to view, vote, comment, and provide feedback on all ideas.

The WDCD Refugee Challenge is structured along seven phases. The process focuses on idea generation, feedback and improvement, selection of the finalists, acceleration of their ideas and creating the opportunities for implementation.

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