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Marketing Strategy- As illustrated by four street beggars.

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Some years back, I was taking a course on entrepreneurship and one whole evening, all we discussed was Marketing Strategy.

I understood the topic better walking down the road to my office:
Four beggars stationed at different points- none without his own unique strategy.

The very first one you stumbled on had his visibly diseased body for his best asset-
If you’re human at all, you couldn’t help parting with a note or two.

Then you come across a mother with her three toddling kids. The presence of the children did all the publicity needed to keep her business going without any additional input from her.

Next on the line up of these Merchants was an articulate and friendly version of the business; by the time he was done, you feel so much warmth and your day was made already. You sure owed him a commensurate pay.

The last one had one of the most essential ingredients for success in Business-
PERSISTENCE! If you wanted some peace and quiet, then you’d have to bail yourself out with an additional note.

It’s genius! There couldn’t be an easier way to understand Marketing strategies.

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