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From ‘Shoe addiction’ to Brand addiction- What keeps your Customers coming back?

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There are a couple of reasons why I like having business meetings at Barcelos restaurant at the Ikeja shopping mall.

A while ago, I inadvertently left my galaxy tab there and I had given up ever finding it but fast-forward, some days later I got call from them and they even offered to keep until I could come and pick it, which was days later.

Secondly, their attendants are quite courteous and don’t barge into your conversations, giving you that “you better buy something now or get out of here” look.

Well, those were some of the plus factors I discovered along the line.

Now to the main reason I knew I had to go back after one of my first visits- I discovered a bookshelf at a corner of the restaurant and while waiting for the person I was meeting, I rummaged through and found an interesting novel – ‘shoe addiction’.

I soon got hooked but realised I could not finish reading it in one sitting, so I decided I’ll need to go back very soon to enjoy a few more pages from the book.

I also visited recently and found another interesting title ‘running on heels’. Just reading the back page of the book, I could tell that it had a huge dose of humour and I would need to be back there soon.

I guess that was the grand idea behind placing a book-shelf in a restaurant?

Now, what’s that thing about your business that is certain to keep customers coming back? What part of your offering is poised to convert your customers to Brand-addicts?

If you can answer this correctly, then you may have identified the ‘plus factor’ for your business.

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