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Football and Religion: An analogy for customer loyalty.

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I’ve heard people say football is their religion.

In this sense I’d say I’m a “football atheist” because not only do I not know the first thing about the game, I also don’t have the kind of faith in it that I see followers and enthusiast display.

Recently, I was having a meeting at a restaurant and I noticed the person I was with was beginning to lose trail of his sentences as he kept stealing glances at the TV screen projected from across where we sat. He was very distracted and I soon found out why- It was football premier league.

That happens about all the time I’m in a restaurant with a guy so I’ve learnt to tolerate it and perhaps take the opportunity to learn a thing or two about their obsession.

“Why are they dancing?” I asked

“They are not dancing, it’s their exercise routine”

Oh, really? I thought that was a dance.” I laughed. It was really hard to hide my ignorance

He was already caught up with the show, so I decided to just flow with it as a good distraction from the serious work we’d been doing.

Soon he started to reel off the names of the players and their clubs.

“There they go again!” I said with cynicism.

“The way you guys talk about these players as if you know them personally, whereas they don’t even know you exist! You’ll hear some people who can’t afford their next meal talking about buying a player for hundreds of thousands and millions of pound; money they’ve never seen in their entire lifetime.” I snickered.

“It’s like faith; very intangible but real! It’s an experience and you can’t understand it unless you have it.”

Hmmm…that was serious food for thought for me!

I couldn’t help pondering- how do football clubs and players get life allegiance from people?

Imagine that your clients have such sworn allegiance to your brand, products or services! I bet your business will be around for the long haul.

Now, can you think of how you can get even a minute fraction of that enthusiasm and loyalty football fan give to their clubs from your customers?

Again, that’s food for thought!

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