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What is your Business’ Jollof rice?

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If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ll agree with me that Jollof rice has been going viral.

There’s been a lot of discussion around the original owners, what country cooks it best, etc. Interestingly, almost all West African Countries are laying claim to the latter.

I even read some spoof news about two students who were expelled from their University in the UK because a discussion that started about the right method for cooking the Jollof-rice soon turned into fisticuff.

There’s just something special about Jollof rice!

In fact, in Nigeria, Jollof rice is an industry. If we had to measure the metric tonnes of jollof rice consumed daily across the nation, I bet it will run into thousands!

Now, this spikes and quadraples over the weekend when hundreds of thousands of parties (popuparly know as ‘ówambes’) hold in different locations around the country and jollof rice is always no 1 on the menu list.

While no one is measuring to determine the actual impact of jollof rice on the National economy, you’ll agree that it’s importance and relevance cannot be shunned.

A while ago, on a food group I belong to, an interesting teaser was posed “if someone wanted to kidnap you, what food will be the easiest bait?”

Considering that kidnapping is also big business now, you may want to think about this carefully before answering (Ok, just kidding).


For me, it is Nigerian party jollof-rice (I have to make that distinction), and to make the job easier, just add some steaming leaf-wrapped moin-moin… you wont have to kidnap me because I’ll follow you most willingly! Lol.

Now, this got me pondering and I’ll leave you with a poser…

What’s that products/service/ process you can add to your business that will make your customers ‘willing captives’ (or call it brand loyalists)?

What is your Business’Jollof-rice?

While you think about it, let me share my own plate of Jollof-rice with you.

Bon apetit!


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