Digital Africa Startup Challenge

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Has your startup got an innovative solution that could help Africa’s development?

Boost your startup and let the world know about your digital solution to help support sustainable development…

Are you convinced that digital innovation is the path to achieving sustainable development? Have you created an innovative product or service linked to FinTech, health, environment, energy or agriculture? Do you want to create Africa’s digital transition?

Startups are invited to submit entries in one of four categories:

  • Fintech

    Accounts, loans, payments, insurance – do you want to provide access to banking services to as many people as possible? Do you offer tools to boost SMEs’ and entrepreneurs’ economic activity? Do you want to revolutionize banking services through blockchain or P2P platforms?


    Submit your solution for improving people’s health. Do you offer new ways to bring medical care closer to people through mobile phones? Do you provide health players with new tools to make their work more effective? Do you have a solution to increase access to healthcare and medication for the poorest people in society?

  • Environment & Energy

    Do you offer a solution linked to renewable energy sources? Have you invented a new way of protecting the environment through the waste, biodiversity or sanitation sectors?  Are you convinced that the energy transition requires a digital revolution?

  • Agriculture

    Do you want to offer your innovative digital technology to the agricultural sector? Combine weather forecasting, resource optimization, food security, mapping and geolocation. Do you think you can provide relevant technological solutions to the challenges faced by agriculture, today and in the future?

The jury will choose one African startup and one French startup from each category. As well as these eight winners, one African startup and one French startup will be chosen via a public vote.

Application closes 15th November.

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