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Win $20,000 Investment at the Fledge Incubator, Seattle.

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Fledge helps impactful entrepreneurs take their ideas and prototype-stage companies into reality, via an intense, 10-week program of guidance, education, and mentorship, plus a large and growing network of support from past fledglings and hundreds of mentors.

Want to truly make the world a better place? Through business? Doing good while doing well? Eager to know how to be the best entrepreneur you can be? Apply today for Fledge9.

The Next Step, covering the skills you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur: strategy, financials, marketing, sales, funding, etc.
The programme floods you with mentors until and uses the mentor network to connect you to potential partners and customers.
10 Weeks of Intensity
Every day for two months, we push you to make your startup better. Iteration of your story, pitch and plan. The most intense weeks of your life.
An in-person program in one of the a global epicenters of social good: Seattle, USA; or Lima, Peru (and more cities coming).
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A Network of Support
A growing, ongoing network of support to help you well beyond the weeks spent in-person.
Dollar Heart
A $20,000 investment
We pay you $20,000 to attend Fledge (varies by city), structured as a unique revenue-based investment in your company.


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