Young Africans Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship (YASEF) Program

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Young Africans Social Entrepreneurship Fellowship (YASEF) For all early-stage social entrepreneurs (Startups looking for growth Opportunities and Passionate and Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs who have demonstrated footprints in social enterprise and entrepreneurial exploits and are enthusiastic about making monumental and sustainable socio-economic change impact on their community and by extension, humanity at large.

The duration of this program will be 5 Months at the end of which the successful participants who have met all the requirements of the fellowship will be inducted as Social Entrepreneurship Fellows.


  • Must be college Graduates
  • Between the ages of 20-35 years of age
  • Must have good communication skills (written, spoken English)
  • Must have a compelling social entrepreneurship story or idea that has or can impact their community.
  • Must be willing to complete the 6 months program

Program Calendar

Application Opens Jan 4, 2017
Application Closes Jan 24, 2017
Applicant Admission Process and Confirmation of Participation Jan 25th -Feb 21st 2017
Commencement of Fellowship March 1 , 2017
Program Fees and Sponsorship

This program is a non-residential one and it is partly funded by the partner organizations but each participant will be expected to also contribute a token commitment and counterpart fee which is 20% of the cost of the program to confirm their admission on this program.

Application Guidelines

This program is looking for participants who are passionate about becoming facilitators for sustainable social change through social entrepreneurship and enterprise initiatives. We are keen on admitting participants who are determined and are seriously committed to oxygenate their social transformation vision and aspirations in their communities and nation. Interested applicants

Therefore, in addition to completing the registration form (whose link has been included below) to confirm their interest in becoming a participants on this fellowship, applicants are expected to send a page personal letter of motivation that describes their current social entrepreneurship footprints and the social transformation impact they envisioned,

Applicants who have uploaded evidences of their social entrepreneurial footprints either on instragram, facebook or uploaded videos (you tube) should also include the link for such activities to enhance the possibility of participating in this fellowship.

Apply here

All applications should be completed on or before the 24th of January 2016

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